Performance Company

Our performance company is a select number of serious students with exceptional skills and a love for dance. Participation is by invitation and audition only for the teams. Company members must be at least 7 years old and maintain a minimum of 4.0 hours per week training. Mandatory classes include ballet, jazz/tap, production rehearsal and the company class.


  1. Begin with damp hair
  2. Add a gel product
  3. Pull all hair into a ponytail at the crown of the head
  4. Use a matching hair color foam donut to form the bun
  5. Secure hair with bobby pins
  6. Spray hair to ensure hold
  8. When looking eye level at your dancer you should be able to see their bun

Example of Hair








1) Eyes first:
Black Eyeliner, natural color eyeshadow (no blue)

2) Face:
Apply foundation to face with a sponge or brush
Highlight cheekbones with light pink

3) Lips:
Line Lips and fill with RED
Finish with clear gloss

If you are unsure, about colors or application ask.



Hairspray, Water spray bottle, bobby pins, brush, comb, and pony holder

Red lips and clear gloss, blush, make-up remover wipes, eyelash glue, and extra eyelashes

Safety pins, deodorant, and earrings

Handheld mirror

Tylenol/Advil, band-aids, and water bottle

Printed line up with dances highlighted



Costumes should be cared for with great detail and attention. Costumes should always be hung and never left crumpled in a bag. Keep away from pets. Assigned Costumes will be returned at the end of the dance year. Nude leos can be worn under costumes for modesty when changing. When packing for a performance, pack in order of the show line up. This will make things easier for quick changes. Bring a pop up hamper. Costumes can be stored there until the end of a performance. After a show costumes should be hung immediately. Hanging racks will be available for dancers at venues. Always pack: dance jacket, extra tights (dark tan), black came leo, nude leo, black pants, ALL shoes. After the final bow, you may change into your own clothes. Don’t forget the panties.

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